DMI Music to Roll Out Local Store Programming Customizer

Hoping to get a larger piece of the growing place-based advertising business, DMI Music & Media Networks, an audio network known for providing music programming to local retailers and food establishments, is stepping up its advertising offerings. The company announced Tuesday (June 24) it is rolling out a new technology across its network that allows local stores to customize programming at the store level and allows advertisers and retailers to more finely target their customers.

By the end of the summer, the nationwide roll out to DMI’s customers, including Subway, Baja Fresh, Delta Airlines, Gordon Food Service and Fossil, should be completed.

The new strategy follows DMI’s hiring in March of radio veteran Joan Gerberding in the newly created position of senior vp of advertiser solutions. Prior to Gerberding, the networks’ advertisers were limited to retailers’ vendor partners.

“We’re turning this into an advertising medium,” said Gerberding.

Advertisers can target regionally, by market or even down to the store level. Ads are inserted every 10 minutes. Each break has one or two advertiser options: a 15-second ad, followed by a 30-second content feature, followed by a 15-second ad; or one 30-second ad, backed by a 20-second content feature and a 10-second tag.

DMI’s distribution customers will share in a portion of the ad revenue.