DMB&B Produces New Crest Ads After Defending Business

D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles here is developing a new campaign for Crest toothpaste after successfully defending the business against another Procter & Gamble roster shop, sources said last week.

DMB&B’s new campaign features adults talking about how they were raised on the Crest brand. The theme, said sources, is based on the notion that ‘Behind every smile there’s a Crest kid.’

It is believed that P&G recently met with at least one of its other agencies, possibly Leo Burnett Co. in Chicago, about the estimated $70 million Crest account. Burnett handles the estimated $20 million Crest toothbrush account for Cincinnati-based P&G. Agency executives at Burnett and DMB&B declined comment as did a representative at P&G.

–Jennifer Comiteau

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