‘DiversityInc.’ Asks Advertisers to Be Charitable

LOS ANGELES In an effort to bring multiplicity to its ad space as well as its editorial content, DiversityInc. magazine said it would donate full-page ads to nonprofit organizations beginning in its November issue.

According to DiversityInc. partner and co-founder Luke Visconti, the 150,000-circulation monthly would donate one page of nonprofit advertising for every three purchased ads. The charity pages—estimated at up to $20,000 each—would be designated to the buyer’s diversity-emphasizing organization of choice, he said.

“This is a business message to our audience,” Visconti explained. “This is a way to turn your ad discount into something meaningful.”

The ad strategy, announced in the September DiversityInc., takes the media-buying “conversation away from discounts and haggling,” Visconti said. Instead, it would “promote value in the medium, and interest in what’s going on” among subscribers.

The strategy enables corporations to “gain credibility,” Visconti added, and would help to develop business relationships in “a much more meaningful way than playing golf.”

The majority of DiversityInc. ad-space sales are made by company representatives rather than via agencies, Visconti said. The magazine’s creative department would even create ads for nonprofits, if the need arose. Donated pages cover the philanthropic spectrum, he noted, from Hispanic-serving institutions and scholarship funds to workers’ organizations and women’s foundations.

Visconti said that by offering charity pages rather than “meaningless couple thousand dollar” ad discounts, the New York-based publication could actually lose money at first. But “if we print a few extra pages for something like this, I don’t care,” he said. “People appreciate it. [It] allows people to be nicer human beings.”