If the “cable guy” can become such a fixture of modern life that a movie is named for him, the “satellite guy” can put DirecTV on the consumer map. For one thing, it’s a quirk of human nature that we love to watch someone installing something. And if he’s wearing a uniform, so much the better, since it suggests we’ll have an unseen army of such people at our beck and call. In one spot in this campaign, a customer (on terra firma) quizzes Satellite Man (on the roof hooking up the dish). Can I get this? Can I get that? Each time, the answer is a deferential-though-not-servile “yes.” Finally, when told he can get up to 13 NFL games each Sunday, thecustomer can restrain his emotions no longer. “I love you,” he blurts out, to which Satellite Man calmly replies, “I know, sir.” In another spot, our hero hasfinished hooking up a couple’s service and is sitting down to go over it with them. In an era when your doctor has you in and out of his office in two minutes, it’s a luxury to have an expert sit down and explain anything to you. A voiceover plays on that fact by mentioning the “free professional installation.” Well, it wouldn’t be “free amateur installation,” would it? The spot’s copywriterunderstood that the words “free” and “professional” in the same sentence give viewers a warm glow.Agency

William Harris


Boca Raton, Fla.


Parsippany, N.J.

Creative Director

Steve Horowitz

Art Directors

Jeff Arwood

Eddy Perez


Ward Parker


Brian FeinAgency


Los Angeles



El Segundo, Calif.

Executive Creative Director

Eric Hirshberg

Associate Creative

Director/Art Director

Mike Bryce

Associate Creative Director/Copywriter

Mark Musto

Senior Producer

Steffi Binder

Associate Producer

Jennifer Pearse

Production Company

Tool of North America,

Santa Monica, Calif.


Chris Hooper