DeVito/Verdi 1, Rudy Giuliani 0

DeVito/Verdi won a small but sweet victory last week when a judge rejected an attempt to ban its work for New York magazine.
New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani had wanted an ad that read “Possibly the only good thing in New York Rudy hasn’t taken credit for” removed from city buses.
The skirmish made the front page of The New York Times on Tuesday last week, but the agency was not mentioned. This marks the second time advertising controversy and Giuliani have gone hand-in-hand; the Mayor stamped his foot over a recent Continental Airlines campaign by N.W. Ayer & Partners and the client agreed to change the ads.
So, should agencies avoid mentioning Hizzoner–who may or may not have his eye on higher office–in ads? Not according to New York-based Blum/ Herbstreith, which is watching the hullabaloo with interest. The agency breaks ads this month for NewsBar coffee bars (shown here), one of which attributes a faux quote to the Mayor without his permission. With Giuliani batting one for two will he try his luck a third time?
–Sloane Lucas