Deutsch Puts Mitsubishi In Gear

NEW YORK–Deutsch’s first ads for its portion of Mitsubishi’s consolidated $65-80 million dealer account will feature “life truisms” and be based on the line, “Is your life built for Mitsubishi?” said agency chief executive officer Donny Deutsch.
The line plays off the client’s national “Built for living” campaign by G2, a unit of Grey.
One spot, for example, opens with the super, “Life, cars and babies,” while copy explains, “Whoever says your life doesn’t change that much is lying. Babies change things. They require special seating, they drool all over the leather, they come with their own arsensal of stuff that requires storage space the size of a small city.” The ad ends with a dealer incentive for the Galant.
Another spot, for the Eclipse, looks at dating and the inevitable first impression a car makes. “Like it or not, [a car] is the first thing that he or she sees. Sad but true.”
The goal was to add a “retail flavor or call to action” to the auto maker’s national advertising, Deutsch said. The first spot is expected to break next week.
According to the client, Deutsch has won 25 of 41 Mitsubishi dealership regions so far, the Grey/Zimmerman team has six and 10 remain undecided. Deutsch’s wins include the largest regions: the estimated $15-20 million Western Region Metro Market and the estimated $15 million New York Metro Market. G/Z will handle Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Boston.