Debenhams, “Mother’s Day”

Mum’s the word in this enjoyably simple spot from JWT London for the British department-store chain Debenhams. In it, we see people from all walks of life, young and old, calling out for “Mum!” (or in American parlance, “Mom!”) in their hour of need—or rather, their hours of need, as they seem to be fairly frequent and insistent. The spot promotes Mother’s Day in the U.K., which is actually known as Mothering Sunday—and falls this coming Sunday, April 3, much earlier than the American version, which is in May. The spot taps into a nice little truth—that the word “Mum” isn’t just an appellation; as often as not, it’s a cry for help, a plea to be comforted—a request, essentially, that deserves repaying somewhere down the line. So, what better time to repay it than on Mother’s Day, with a gift from Debenhams? After all the appeals to the moms of the world by name, the spot’s end line, too, is perfect: “Make what’s-her-name feel special this Mother’s Day.” —Tim Nudd