Some say video killed the radio star; others beg to differ. The folks at Oink Ink Radio blame conservative clients—and the radio-ad agency won’t take it anymore.

Hence, the New York shop’s third annual Dead Radio Contest—all the entries got whacked by clients before being produced. “Every copywriter has a drawer full of great radio scripts that never got off the ground,” said Dan Price, Oink Ink president. “We thought it would be nice to dust them off.”

Price and company culled 70 entries from 500, then circulated the survivors to voiceover guys and freelance writers in the business. In the end, one script stood tall.

The grand prize went to a DiMassimo Brand Ad-vertising creative team, copywriter Phil Gable and art director Sandra Scher, for their unproduced work for

The victorious spot, a parody of diet-product ads, features “Dr. Schitzman,” creator of the new Laxitran diet system, and an “attorney,” who warns of side effects such as “spontaneous ejection of the lower intestine and other organs in the abdominal cavity.”

Along with a Lazaruslike resurrection for their script, the two creatives received an all-expenses-paid trip to Southern California.