DDB Needham Launches TV, Print Campaign For Armor All Products

DDB Needham here brings back its successful “car juice” concept from 1997 in a broadcast and print effort to introduce the redesigned packaging of Clorox Co.’s Armor All car cleaning products.
The campaign will run in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom and primarily targets young men aged 16 to 34. The U.S. effort is backed by at least $25 million in media spending, according to sources.
“We are targeting young men who are shining up their cars every night,” said Ken Dudwick, DDB Needham’s creative director. “Everyone with a car uses Armor All products at some point, but we are really speaking to those first car owners that want to keep their possession looking like new.”
The campaign’s first 30-second TV spot will debut in the U.S. during coverage of NBA playoff games. The ad features a gleaming, candy-apple-red Porsche being crushed by a huge “juicer” that squeezes one big drop of new car “essence” into a giant bottle of Armor All. The voiceover says, “There’s nothing like the feel of a new car–the look, the shine, the smell . . . We bottled it.” The tagline for the spot is: “Armor All. It shines. It protects. It’s new car juice.”
Another commercial, breaking May 4, will introduce Armor All’s new Ultra Shine Protectant. The tagline for the 15-second execution is: “Armor All. It’s the ultimate shine.”
Industrial Light and Magic produced the television commercials, which were directed by Bob Grigg.
DDB Needham’s print executions promote Armor All’s various specialty products, including Wheel Cleaner and Extreme Tire Shine. The ads feature the tagline, “Armor All. Making your car look new one part at a time.” The size and appearance of specific parts of an automobile are distorted in the various ads to emphasize the effects of Armor All products.
The print ads broke this month in consumer and car enthusiast magazines, including Car and Driver and Sports Illustrated, among others.