Dash Zips to DiNoto

DiNoto Lee has bested four other New York shops to land the $10-15 million account of Dash.com, an Internet startup providing discounts on goods such as books, clothes and steaks via affiliated Web sites.
In contention were Mad Dogs & Englishmen, Balet & Albert, Hanft Byrne Raboy & Partners and Transfusion, said Andy Williams, executive vice president of marketing at the New York-based client.
“[DiNoto Lee] just had some really good, well-thought-out ideas,” said Williams. He also cited the shop’s past work (Deja.com, Mistic, etc.) and good chemistry with principals Greg DiNoto and Esther Lee.
Dash is the third Web-based client DiNoto Lee has won in the past two months. The others are IonBeauty.com ($15-20 million) and Icast.com ($15 million). The shop now claims billings of more than $60 million.
Dash’s site provides a downloadable “Dash bar.” When users surf affiliated sites, such as JCrew.com, the bar tracks purchases and, depending on the site, triggers rebates of up to 50 percent.
Initially, DiNoto Lee will develop banner ads; an integrated campaign is expected next year. The working theme centers on how Dash enhances shopping. The ads may be funny, but not “outrageous,” said Williams. “We’re not looking to shoot gerbils out of a cannon. Nor, do I think, is our CEO going to go around naked.”
“It’s really to stake out turf and to lay claim to a pretty powerful strategic area,” said Lee. “In this day and age with the dot.coms, you can’t afford not to do that.”