D’Angelo “Shredder”

When a commercial tells you that you “deserve” something, doesn’t this put you on guard? It’s certainly one of the elements that make political ads so unconvincing, as we’re told we “deserve” all sorts of mutually incompatible things (like higher benefits and lower taxes). New spots for D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches (via Connelly Partners, Boston) seem to position a tasty lunch as an entitlement when a too-hearty voiceover and an onscreen super assure us we “deserve” a better sandwich than we’d get from the chain’s competitors. The action in each spot features a woebegone character who has bought a lesser sandwich and is expressing his or her regret by putting it through a shredder, bludgeoning it with a briefcase or mutilating it with a nail gun. The campaign portrays these people as if they’re hapless victims of Big Sandwich. But they’re the ones who bought those sandwiches, which would seem to suggest they “deserve” the consequences of the poor choices they’ve made. Displaying these not-so-deserving souls as the focal point of the sales pitch makes it seem more contrived than it would anyhow. –Mark Dolliver