CTA Issues a Call for Riders

Budget Raised to $3 Mil. for Joint Ad Effort
CHICAGO – Looking to keep ridership growth on track, the Chicago Transit Authority has launched a $3 million campaign from LEC Ltd. and Fusion Idea Lab to boost its image.
TV, radio, print and outdoor ads from the Chicago shops suggest public transportation is “a cool thing to be doing,” said LEC president Laurie Cairns.
It’s been several years since the CTA has spent this much on a marketing effort aimed at riders, said CTA representative Noelle Gaffney. Ridership is up over 40,000 a day this year, and the agency wants to build on that, Gaffney said. “We want to invite people to take a second look,” she said.
Using the tag “Take it,” the work, which broke over the weekend and will run for a year, plays on the perils of private commuting.
In the 15-second TV spots, CTA buses and trains pass quickly while phrases such as “Stop road rage before it starts” and “Good luck finding parking” remind viewers of the realities of braving the commute alone.
The radio features a man-on-the-street interview about the hazards of road construction and parking with a person waiting for a table at a restaurant. CTA passengers at a nearby table are already on their second course.