Cruise Line Promises Celebrity Treatment

BOSTON A campaign from Arnold, dubbed “Treated famously,” breaks on Monday for Celebrity Cruises.

The effort, set to air on 20 cable networks including A&E and Bravo, is an extension of last year’s “A true departure” campaign, which positioned the Miami-based cruise line as the one that treats ordinary people like celebrities.

“‘Treated famously’ has become our way of expressing the experience,” said Arnold executive vice president and group director Karen Riordan.

Riordan said the estimated $30 million budget marks a 30 percent increase over last year and is likely to increase again in 2004.

In two spots from the Boston-based Havas shop, people returning to work wistfully recall their recent experiences on board, sharing with whomever they can buttonhole how well they were treated.

The agency avoids images of the ships, however, relying instead on the emotional impact of the vacation for passengers.

“The insight came from [people] wanting to recapture that vacation glow on the first day back to work,” said Riordan. In the “Return to Work” spot, for example, an individual looks at the clock and remembers where he was the day before … being served the perfect cocktail.

Print will run in Bon Appetit, Conde Nast Traveler, Travel & Leisure and elsewhere.

Arnold senior vice president Kara Goodrich served as creative director and copywriter; associate creative director Wade Devers handled art direction; Andrew Douglas directed the TV spots. Managing partner, group CD Pete Favat supervised the overall campaign.