crossing guard

A Cadillac Escalade TV spot showing two trains stopped as the SUV crosses the tracks before resuming their travels has drawn fire from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Elwyn Tinklenberg, Minnesota’s transport ation commissioner, wrote a letter to General Motors chairman Jack Smith requesting the ad be pulled, a GM representative confirmed. Tinklenberg expressed a concern that viewers will see the spot and get the impression that trains will stop for them.

GM has not pulled the spot, but has contacted Tinklenberg’s office about a meeting.

The company issued a statement defending its advertisement.

“In the development of the Cadillac Escalade TV commercial, we specifically discussed the many issues involved in crossing railroad tracks—thoroughly and thoughtfully—before releasing the [spot],” according to the statement. “That is why we included strong cues, such as starting the commercial with the trains at a standstill, as well as others, to ensure that we did not send the wrong message.”