Cronin Unveils Effort for Konica Minolta

BOSTON Konica Minolta Business Solutions on April 10 launches its first major ad campaign since Konica and Minolta merged last October. Spending may reach $10 million, according to Cronin & Co., the Glastonbury, Conn.-based independent agency that crafted the ads.

A pair of 30-second TV commercials mimic Abbott & Costello’s famous “Who’s On First?” comedy routine. In one spot, “Need That Chart,” a manager and employee engage in verbal jousting over some important projects, with the underling insisting that he can copy, fax, scan, print and e-mail materials from Konica Minolta’s multifunction network imaging systems, known as “bizhubs.” By the close of the spot, the boss attempts to use the machine to brew a cup of coffee, which proves to be about the only office function beyond its capabilities.

“Our approach is to tap into the natural office humor and introduce ‘bizhub’ in a fun, engaging and memorable way,” said Steve Wolfberg, chief creative officer of Cronin & Co. “The brand equals the product’s value, so these spots are as much brand communication as they are product awareness.”

The spots will run on national network and cable-TV through October.

Wolfberg served as creative director on the campaign, overseeing copywriter Pai Catanese, art director Eric Panke and agency producer Lester Ayala.

Print, direct marketing and interactive efforts are also in the marketing mix for the client, which is headquartered in Ramsey, N.J.