CRIME: Allowing advertising students to speak on

CRIME: Allowing advertising students to speak on camera. EVIDENCE: W+K12, the ad school at Wieden + Kennedy, did a project for Good magazine, which in turn interviewed the students and posted a short video online. Their views on advertising and America (they didn’t love either very much) rubbed some AdFreak readers the wrong way. After heated debate, everyone agreed: Wearing a stuffed raccoon will not win you many new fans. READERS’ VERDICT: “The only way this could have come off as more pretentious is if everyone spoke in a new language—the language of FutureTruth maybe?—and it was subtitled, so that lesser mortals, who actually have to work for a living, could understand.” “We once had an account guy who wore shorts and had a Shitzu but that wasn’t half as funny as the bare-chested art director sporting a dead raccoon.” “Why is everyone on this thread so angry? So violently, absurdly angry?”