CRG, Picture It Join Forces

BOSTON Creative Resources Group is teaming with Picture It to provide multimedia communications services to clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

“CRG has financial clients which are international, as does Picture it. The goal of this union of services is simply to be able to meet the global needs of these particular clients,” said Erin-Marie Shea, director of client services at CRG in Plymouth, Mass. “In terms of clients that are not global, having a London [presence through Picture It] can provide them with potential global reach in their communications.”

Each company has about 10 employees. CRG works for State Street Corp., Princeton Financial, Boston Financial Data Systems and Battelle, among other clients. Picture It’s roster includes the Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs. Both specialize in offerings such as events planning and execution, Web development, audio-visual services, graphic design and broadcast production.

This is not a formal merger, but rather a “union of services” in which no money changes hands and each company will maintain its separate identity.