Creaxion Adds Well-Versed Musical Promoter

ATLANTA Wynn Jackson, a 25-year veteran of the music industry, has joined Creaxion as vice president of sales and marketing to help the shop build its entertainment division, the agency said.

Jackson, 52, is a former vice president of marketing and promotions at RCA Records in Los Angeles. He spent the past 12 years running his own promotion company, Country Club Enterprizes, in Nashville, Tenn. He helped promote country music stars such as Shania Twain and Tim McGraw before selling the company last year.

In addition to his role in the independent Atlanta shop’s entertainment division, which launched earlier this year, Jackson will be responsible for new business development.

Mark Pettit, CEO of Creaxion, said that Jackson’s contacts in the music industry would help the shop bring together corporate advertisers and entertainers for ad campaigns.

“We are about bringing those two worlds together,” Pettit said. “We think this kind of marketing is only going to grow.”

Since launching the entertainment division, Creaxion has worked for the TNT cable network and Porsche Cars of North America, both of which are based in Atlanta.

For TNT, the shop organized and helped stage a competition to find the best dramatic actor or actress in the nation. More than 3,000 people competed in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The winner, who was chosen by the star of NYPD Blue, Dennis Franz, will be announced on TNT during the first week of January. That person will receive $50,000, six months of living expenses in Los Angeles, acting lessons and a publicist.

For Porsche, Creaxion developed promotions to help launch the Cayenne, Porsche’s version of an SUV, by arranging for the company to sponsor the Sonoma Film Festival last spring. All celebrities were picked up at the airport in a Cayenne and invited to test drive the cars.

Pettit will continue to lead the entertainment division, with Jackson as his chief assistant.