In the rush to embody the ’90s man, cosmetic companies have flooded the market with new fragrances. And two old favorites, Old Spice and Faberge’s Brut, despite a decades-long dominance, have joined in with substantial facelifts and hefty advertising campaigns.
Heading up Faberge’s effort for Brut, Nancy Vaughn, Lintas’ creative director on the account, looked to women for inspiration in a typical ’90s twist. ‘If you work on women’s things you learn about men,’ says Vaughn, who also heads the Maybelline cosmetics account. ‘It occurred to me that men might be a bit confused. We’re constantly changing what’s politically correct, and I thought they must be feeling a bit bruised and battered.’ From that sentiment came the campaign’s new theme: One TV spot features a muscle-bound hunk taping up his hands for a bout in the gym. Sultry music and an even sultrier voiceover announces ‘Men are back.’
Young men are back might be the theme of Procter & Gamble’s new campaign for the 60-year-old Old Spice. Because today’s man has a ‘more adventurous and independent spirit,’ reads a press release, the company redesigned the brand’s logo – replacing the familiar clipper ship with a contemporary racing yacht.
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