When Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein co-principal and co-creative director Jeffrey Goodby set to work on the Sega of America campaign, he needed a voice that captured unmistakeably the attitude of teenage boys. Like a baseball cap worn backwards, it had to be cool, insider, anti-adult and genuine. What sets the Sega campaign apart is not just what the ads say, but the way they say it. ‘Kids know they are talking directly to them,’ says Peter Angelos, creative director at Young & Rubicam/S.F., an admirer of the work. One 30-second commercial is woven from some 140 cuts including snippets from 10-15 different Sega games. Watching it creates a feeling not unlike that which kids get from playing the games. ‘It looks kind of complex and incomprehensible to grown-ups,’ says Goodby, 41, who worked on the original concept with co-creative director Rich Silverstein. ‘Kids can see more in it than adults.’
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)

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