Creative: Best Spots – Visitor’s View

Executive Vp, Deputy Creative Director And Chief Creative Officer For General Motors North America At Mccann-Erickson In New York
i listen to advertising people talk about advertising all day long. Advertising people listen to me talk about advertising all day long. Everyone in advertising listens to someone else in advertising blab about the same stuff all day long, all year long. So I figured it would be a nice change to hear some other people talk about the subject. Below are their thoughts about this month’s spots.
From Mr. Bill: Let’s face it. Heroes like Buddy Lee and me aren’t just indestructible. We’re dependable. You know we won’t get drunk and beat up our girlfriends like sports stars. And you can be pretty sure we won’t get caught in a motel room doing who knows what. Which is why advertisers like Lee love us. (It’s true, Buddy has better endorsements than I do, which is why I’m firing my agent.) I love this campaign (pictured, top). And Buddy, if you have an extra pair, we probably wear the same size.
From an aspiring morning shock jock: What’s with guys holding doors for chicks? Why can’t minorities decide what they want to be called and just stick with it? Why are the handicapped parking spots always the best ones? Like I said on Letterman, PC is BS. So it’s about time an ad agency saw the light. Those spots are dead on. They trash everything. Old people, cripples, the underprivileged, even those pretentious public service announcements. If you don’t print this, you suck.
From a second baseman named Chuck: OK, so maybe I am a knucklehead, but is this Delta commercial congratulating the Yankees supposed to be funny? Playing that phony religious music (which personally bugs me) over pictures of Delta employees wearing those big, puffy “We’re #1” hands is hilarious. Which, of course, makes it as dumb as arguing with the ump. I thought Delta took you to serious places like “success.” Instead, they take you to Knuckleville.
From my mother: Who always made sure your fingernails were clean? Who told you not to scratch when you had the chicken pox? Who made you Campbell’s soup in the winter? Who? I did. Which is why I was particularly partial to the ad with John Elway and his lovely mom (pictured, below). It’s nice to see the mothers–who quietly, without complaining, make sacrifices for their children–finally get their due. And so clever. Why aren’t your commercials so clever?
From Michael B., a good friend from college: I’m deaf. And it occurred to me that if I were also blind, I wouldn’t have seen that sausage commercial. Let me tell you, there’s nothing good about being deaf. Zip. No Beastie Boys, Beach Boys, Sting or Sinatra. The movies stink without a soundtrack. Even driving’s tricky. Not hearing car alarms, marching bands or the racket from making breakfast in this ad doesn’t remotely make up for being deaf. Maybe the only thing worse than being deaf would be waking up to the smell of sausage.
From the Nashua State assistant football coach: Who’s the guy playing the fireman in the Adidas ad? He’s got soft hands like Jerry Rice. Dandy footwork. Reminded me of Gale Sayers. And you’ve got to love that end-zone stuff. Enthusiastic, lively, but without disrespecting the opposition. Great performance. Really funny commercial. Please let me know how I can contact this gentleman.