Creative: Best Spots Of June

Best Spots of June

The latest two-spot campaign for British Airways, created by M&C Saatchi in New York, accomplishes two key things. No. 1: The lavish $1.5 million “Space Station” continues the long line of BA’s “big, traditional, metaphorical branding spots,” says executive creative director Marty Cooke. No. 2: “Sideways View” puts a new slant on a new-product innovation-flat-bed seating in business class. Both commercials push the theme: “The British simply know how to travel.” “The British are genetically good travelers; it’s in their DNA to travel with style, decency, generosity,” says Cooke. “After all, they live on a tiny island with crappy weather. They have to travel to get away.” In “Space Station,” a Russian cosmonaut and a U.S. astronaut struggle through dinner while two Brits eat strawberries and watch cricket via satellite. “Sideways View” shows a fully reclined passenger’s take on the world at 30,000 feet-wine, coffee, dinner at a 90-degree angle. The ad targets overnight business travelers on the lucrative JFK to Heathrow run. “We want you to think it’s primitive to fly any other airline,” Cooke says. “British Airways offers great service, a refined experience and, simply, the most civilized international air travel.”

On a picnic in the park, a boy and his father want to feed the ducks. Finding some bread, the kid gently throws a slice at the fowl-killing it dead. VO: “Fresh bread can make a difference between a safe day at the park … and an emotional scar.” Thank heaven for 7-Eleven, where fresh bread has garnered the Sierra Club’s seal of approval.

Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas
CDs: Bill Cochran, Patrick Murray
AD: Shane Altman
CW: Rob Baker
Agency prod.: Dan Calhoun
Prod. co.: Coppos
Dir.: Craig Gillespie
Editor: Bill Marmor, TrailHead
Music: Spank

British Airways
Interesting camera angles punctuate this spot, which offers a reclining passenger’s eye view of wine, food, coffee, barefoot travelers and working laptops. Why the sideways skew? VO: “British Airways introduces a revolutionary view of business travel. The world’s only fully flat beds in business class.” Tagline: “The British simply know how to travel.”

Title:sideways view
Agency: M&C Saatchi, N.Y.
ECD: Marty Cooke
AD: Jim Carroll
CW: Michelle Roufa
Prods.: Amy Dee, Tasha Norman, Beaucoup Chapeaux
Prod. co.: Gerard de Thame Films
Dir.: Gerard de Thame
Editor: Richard Learoyd, The Mill
Music: Amber Music

California Fluid Milk Processors
As a man goes about his daily rounds, he is bombarded with “Got milk?” advertising-on buses, T-shirts, billboards, shopping carts and grocery bags. Of course, after visiting the supermarket, the absent-minded fellow realizes he forgot something. VO: “Do we really have to say it?”

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, S.F.
CDs: Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein
AD: Amy Nicholson
CW: Al Kelly
Agency prod.: Jan O’Malley
Prod. co.: Ritts/Hayden
Dir.: Daniel Kleinman
Editor: Angus Wall, Rock Paper Scissors
Music: tomandandy
With cheesy special effects, this ad puts talking meteors on a collision course with Earth. One asks: “Have you heard of …” Another answers: “ is my guidebook for life. I learned how to plant an herb garden, train my dog and cure my dandruff.” The first replies: “I learned that most meteors burn up in Earth’s atmosphere.” Of course, they die a fiery, funny death. Tagline: “Discover something new every day.”

Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney, S.F.
CDs: Steve Luker, Kevin Jones
AD/CW: Mike McCommon
AD: Roger Camp
Agency prod.: Kelly Green
Prod. co.: Traktor
Dir.: Traktor
Editor: Dick Gordon, Mad River Post

ESPN Great Outdoor Games
A boy is led to the bathtub by his mother. “C’mon, mister,” she says. After the tub is filled, mom looks lovingly at her son, then throws a log into the bathwater and puts the kid on top. Super: “The next big thing?” Another invented “event,” the Great Outdoor Games (July 27-Aug. 4) features log-rolling, fishing and hunting. Still waiting for more information on the loogie-spitting contest.

Agency: BaylessCronin, Atlanta
CD: Jerry Cronin
AD: Laura Briney
CWs: Jay Wallace, Brad Scheck, John Spear
Exec. Prods.: Gregg Carlesimo, Robert Fernandez
Prod. co.:
Dir.: Frank Todaro
Editor: Kolby Parker Jr., Kolby Parker Jr. Editorial
Music: Roy Loewy, JSM

ESPN SportsCenter
“Sure, we all receive fan mail occasionally. But there are some SportsCenter anchors who average a bag or two a week,” says anchor Rich Eisen. “The rest of us try to help out when we can; you know, lighten the load.” Visual: Four anchors sitting at a table. Rece Davis autographs Melissa Stark’s photo; a lipstick-wearing Larry Beil kisses the picture; and Bob Stevens sprays perfume on it. Stark is the new babe on the block at ESPN/ABC, replacing venerable reporter Lesley Visser on Monday Night Football.

Title:fan mail
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, N.Y.
CDs: Michael Prieve, Stacy Wall
AD: Matt Stein
CW: Kevin Proudfoot
Agency prod.: Gary Krieg
Prod. co.: Hungry Man
Dir.: Marc Kloasfelv
Editor: Dave Koza, MacKenzie Cutler

A man drags a huge beer keg across the street, its metal bottom scraping the pavement irritatingly. Another guy tries to stuff that same keg into a refrigerator, which bursts open as soon as he closes the door. Tagline: “The Heineken keg can goes places regular kegs can’t.”

Agency: Lowe Lintas & Partners, N.Y.
Chief creatives: Lee Garfinkel, Gary Goldsmith
Creative group head: C.J.Waldman
CW: Eddie Van Bloem
AD: Michael Vittiello
Prod.: Rikki Furman
Prod. co.: Chelsea Pictures
Dir.: Nicholas Barker
Editor: Gavin Cutler, MacKenzie Cutler

Here Arts Center
Undressing, a man and a woman climb into a bathtub filled with water. They put on blindfolds, plug in a table radio and play catch with it in the tub. Super: “Looking for a more exciting evening?” Home to modern and performance art, New York’s Here Arts Center may shock you-but it won’t fry your brain.

Agency: Mad Dogs & Englishmen, N.Y.
CD: Mikal Reich
AD: James Dawson Hollis
CW: Emily Reed
Agency prod.: Letitia Jacobs
Prod. co.: X-ray Productions
Dir.: Risa Mickenberg
Editor: Jordan Green, 89 Greene
Music: Hugh McCracken

Lexus Dealership Association
Visual: Brake pedal, gas pedal and a man’s foot. Audio: sounds of a revving engine. Supers: “24 seconds of pedals. No ’70s rock. No techno house beat. Just pedals. 215 horses. And pedals. They’re really great pedals.” Simple and stark, this spot is hypnotizing.

Agency: Team One, El Segundo, Calif.
ECD: Tom Cordner
ACDs: Melissa Huffman, Jim Dearing
AD: James Hendry
CW: Eric Walker
Exec. prod.: Jack Epsteen
Agency prod. coordinator: Kristin Lahey
Prod. co.:
Dir.: David Wagreich
Editor: Lee Cowan, Hygena
Sound designer: Stephen Dewey, Machine Head

“I’m not a secretary,” says a man. “I’m an administrative assistant.” “I’m not a babysitter,” says a teenager. “I’m a domestic caregiver.” “I’m not a clown,” says a clown. “I’m a child entertainer.” “I’m not a plain M&M,” says a red candy. “I’m a milk chocolate M&M.” Tagline: “Same great chocolate. Much better name.”

Agency: BBDO, N.Y.
Chief creative: Ted Sann Sr.
ECD: Charlie Miesmer
CD/AD: Steve Rutter
CD/CW: Susan Credle
Agency Prods.: Brian Schierman, Melissa Charter
Prod. co.: Backyard Productions
Dir.: Rob Pritts
Editor: Don Kleszy, MacKenzie Cutler

Nike Max Air II
As a guy tries to enter a gym, the automatic doors refuse to open. While he walks away to get help, a woman steps on the mat and the doors allow her in. But they still won’t open for him. Super: “Max cushioning.” His Nikes are too soft and comfortable to register on the door mat. It’s a simple, well-crafted idea, without a word of dialogue.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
CDs: Hal Curtis, Bob Moore
AD: Scott Vitrone
CW: Ian Reichenthal
Agency prod.: Tieneke Pavesic
Prod. co.: Hungry Man
Dir: Bryan Buckley
Editor: Brian Durkin, FilmCore
Music: Del Ray Music (Who Did That Music? Co.)

The Olympics on NBC
As a dog watches TV, the announcers praise the technique of a great sprinter. “It seems no one can keep up with Michael Johnson,” says the TV voice. That’s when M.J. walks into the room and says, “Hey, Buddy. Let’s go for a run.” Buddy ain’t as stupid as he looks-he plays dead to avoid the workout. Tired of all the Olympic hype? It’s only July.

Title:Dog watching tv
Agency/Prod. co.: The NBC Agency, Burbank, Calif.
ECD: Vince Manze
CD: Joe Livecchi
CW/Prod./Dir./Editor: John Bonito
Line prod.: David Landau
AD: Scott Seuss
Music: Digital Assassins

Sitting in the kitchen, a kid stares at a working dishwasher. When the cycle finishes, he opens the door and pulls out a plastic bag. What’s in it? A camcorder. The boy views the footage taken inside the dishwater. Tagline: “Stay curious. PBS.”

Agency: Fallon, Minneapolis
CD: David Lubars
Creative group head: Bruce Bildsten
AD: Chris Lange
CW: Michael Hart
Agency prod.: Damian Stevens
Prod. co.:
Dir.: Errol Morris
Editor: Randy Kramer, Assembly Line
Music: Asche & Spencer

In “We Are the World” mode, some Olympians-including Michael Johnson and Brandi Chastain-sing up a storm. Lyrics: “For four long years, you put your life on hold. Now this is your chance to go for the gold. Don’t bonk … now that the pressure is on. Don’t bonk … just keep your energy strong. You’ve got a friend in PowerBar.”

Title:Olympic Anthem
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
CDs: Hal Curtis, Bob Moore
ADs: Andy Gray, Tim Hanrahan
CW: Brent Mau
Agency prod.: Jennifer Fiske
Asst. prod.: Shannon Worley
Prod. co.:
Dir.: Chris Milk
Editor: Peter Wiedensmith, Joint
Music: Asche & Spencer
Oh, man. In this hilarious ad, William Shatner “sings” Chicago’s “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is” to pitch’s name-your-own-price long-distance rates. Says Bill, “[Before Priceline] I spent the whole conversation staring at the clock. Now I’m pouring on the smooth talk without taking it in the wallet. Does anybody know what time it is? Does anybody really care?”

Agency: Hill, Holliday, N.Y.
CD: David Wecal
AD/CW: Ernest Lupinacci
Prod.: Will McDonald
Asst. prod.: Maris Fiechter
Prod. co.: Give & Go
Dir.: Mike Simon
Editor: Steve Hamilton, Mad Mad Judy
Music: Alan Ett Music Group

Reebok/Finish Line
On a “deserted isle,” two guys wash up in a raft. To beat off hunger, one says they should chow down on the worms in the tackle box. Right then, a jogger runs by. VO: “Want better advice?” Get a pair of Reeboks at Finish Line.

Title:really hungry
Agency: Berlin Cameron & Partners, N.Y.
CD: Ewen Cameron
AD: Julio Pardo
CW: Michelle Novella
Agency prod.: Sherri
Silver Prod. co.: JGF
Dir.: Jeff Gorman
Editor/Sound designer: Ian MacKenzie, MacKenzie Cutler

TV Land

In a perfectly choreographed scene, Art Carney dances to Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing” while Jackie Gleason looks on. “You da man,” says Ralphie boy to the sinewy Norton. Tagline: “Times change. Great TV doesn’t.” And TV doesn’t get greater than The Honeymooners.

Title:You Da Man/The honeymooners
Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.
CD: Cliff Sorah
AD: Pat Wittich
CW: Bob Meagher
Agency prod.: Jenny Kennedy
Avid Editor: George Kelley
Post prod.: Post Perfect


Alone on a golf course, a kid hits a ball with a 5-iron. It rises majestically into the air, lands softly on the green and rolls into the cup-a hole in one. He jumps for joy, but no one’s around to witness the feat. Then: “Hey, kid. Nice shot,” says the greenskeeper, who saw everything. VO: “Help us [the United States Golf Association] preserve this wonderful game.”

Title:hole in one
Agency: BBDO, N.Y.
Chief creative: Ted Sann
CD/AD: Rich Hanson
CW: John Greenberger
Agency prod.: Brian Mitchell
Music prod.: Loren Parkins
Prod. co.: Flying Tiger Films
Dir.: Bob Gordon
Editor: Bob Jenkis, Swietlik

Volkswagen Passat
“The fact that I’m responsible for the upbringing of another human being is utterly ridiculous,” says a new dad. “How did this happen? Suddenly, I’m the one saying, ‘Don’t touch the cookie on the ground,’ when I’m really thinking five-second rule. If the cookie just hit the ground, that cookie is still good.” Super: “Your secret’s safe with us.”

Agency: Arnold, Boston
Chief creative: Ron Lawner Group
CD: Alan Pafenbach
AD: Paul Renner
CW: David Weist
Agency prod.: Paul Shannon
Prod. co.: @radical. media
Dir.: Errol Morris
Editor: Andre Betz, Bug Editorial
Music: Stars on Sunday

Whiskas with Savory Nuggets
A guy in a lab coat plans “to demonstrate how Whiskas’ new savory nuggets with crispy outsides and soft centers compare to the typical dry cat food.” He drops the dry food 40 stories; it explodes into dust upon landing. But the Whiskas never hits the ground. Neighborhood cats scarf it down before impact.

Title:40 Stories Up
Agency: D’Arcy, St. Louis
ACD: Brenda Bertts
AD: Ryan Smith
CW: Jeff Nieberding
Agency prod.: Peter Barg
Prod. co.: Crash Films
Dir.: Robin Willis
Editor: Gavin Tatro, Hank’s Editorial
Music/Sound design: Chris Bell & Co.