Coverup in Sheboygan

Teaser campaign or vandalism? Sheboygan, Wis., can’t decide.

The puzzler arose when someone apparently got cheesed off by a billboard for Seagram’s Captain Morgan rum featuring a beach party with bikini-clad models. As first reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the criminal or criminals—still on the lamb—covered the models on two boards from the collarbone down with large white towels.

“People thought it was a teaser campaign because the towels were flapping in the wind,” Robyn Rowan of DeLite Outdoor Advertising, which owns the space, tells Shoptalk.

Alas, there was little to tease—no Dolly Parton-ian bosoms or vulgar positioning of the models. Folks in this small town were scratching their heads as to how someone could find the image off-putting. “I’ve seen circulars for bras that were more offensive,” Rowan says.

Still, someone did feel strongly enough to carefully sew together beach towels and climb some 30 feet up to staple them on. Rowan noticed the white flags while driving by and contacted the police.

Grey in New York, which made the ads, wouldn’t comment without Seagram’s approval; the liquor maker didn’t return phone calls.