Cossette Agrees to Buy Tarsitano Creative

NEW YORK Cossette Communications Group signed an agreement today to acquire direct marketing agency Tarsitano Creative, a 17-year-old shop that handles mostly credit card, publishing and financial clients, sources said.

Terms of the deal will be based on the financial performance of Tarsitano Creative in New York during the next three years, according to sources.

The Toronto-based communications company handled the acquisition through its New York office, ad agency Cossette Post. Tarsitano Creative’s price tag could not immediately be determined. Cossette Communications purchased Post & Partners in New York for $7.5 million in cash and stock in 2001.

Tarsitano Creative has 10 employees and last year posted a gross income of more than $2 million, a company representative said. Among its clients are MasterCard International, Columbia House, Quicken Loans and Gateway Learning.