Corona Light Wants Drinkers to Slow Down

CHICAGO Barton Beers’ first stand-alone Corona Light campaign invites consumers to slow down while “Moving at the speed of Corona Light.”

The advertising effort, slated to break this month, includes outdoor, radio and four new television spots from Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago. Spending on the campaign was not disclosed. Barton Beers’ spends about $3 million on Corona Light, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.

The new creative complements the “Life is good, fun in the sun” positioning of Corona Extra. Like Corona’s ads, the Corona Light TV spots set up one scenario and then deliver a clever, unexpected twist at the end.

“Corona Light shares Corona’s fun, sun and beach image, which has enhanced Corona Light’s brand development while raising its awareness,” said Timm Amundson, Modelo Brands vice president. “Both brands have a similar persona, but we developed this new stand-alone TV campaign to further focus on Corona Light, especially considering its strong growth and that of the light beer category.”

In one TV spot, a small seaplane glides across a blue sky. The image begins to waver as the camera pulls back and a bucket of iced Corona Light is placed in what turns out to be a reflective tide pool. The tagline, “Moving at the speed of Corona Light,” ripples across the screen.

Another spot opens with a beach ball riding a gentle wave towards shore, only to roll back into the surf and ride the next swell back. The view widens to reveal that what we are watching is, in fact, a leisurely game of kick ball between a couple of lounging Corona Light drinkers and the sea.

Corona Extra and Corona Light are brewed and bottled by the Grupo Modelo Brewery in Mexico. Barton Beers Ltd. is the importer and marketer of Corona Extra.