Conservation International “Wax”

Harrison Ford waxing his chest. That alone is reason enough to view this PSA for Conservation International featuring the iconic Indiana Jones star. As the music of Pearl Jam swells, Ford walks into a beauty salon, removes his shirt and explains that rain-forest destruction is harming our planetary climate. “It hurts,” he says, nestling into a treatment chair as a beautician readies the wax and lays a strip onto his chest. “Every bit of rain forest that is ripped out over there…” He pauses as the wax is firmly pressed onto his skin and yanked off. The woman shows him the now hair-filled cloth and he finishes his thought after he’s caught his breath: “…really hurts us over here.” We never get to see the rest of his day at the salon — apparently that’s all he needed to make his point. What’s next for the aging action star, a Brazilian? –Eleftheria Parpis