ComScore Unveils Reach-and-Frequency Tool

NEW YORK ComScore Media Metrix has become the latest Internet research firm to introduce a tool that measures reach and frequency, the same standards used by media planners and buyers to determine an offline campaign’s effectiveness.

The new tool provides estimates of overall campaign reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRP) based on parameters set by the user, such as campaign duration, impression goals and CPMs. The measurements will be based on data from the Reston, Va.-based research firm’s panel of home, work and university Internet users.

Nielsen/NetRatings offers a competitive tool, as does aQuantive’s Atlas DMT. The former, in partnership with software provider IMS, both a part of Adweek parent VNU, helps advertisers identify target-appropriate sites delivering the highest level of effective reach within a specified budget with its WebRF tool. The latter’s Atlas GRP and Reach Forecaster projects GRPs, reach and frequency, cost per point and marginal cost for potential online media buys.

Such reach-and-frequency tools let media planners and buyers apply the same metrics used to evaluate offline campaigns to the Internet. According to a recent report from PricewaterhouseCoopers, these measures will help marketers compare the Web’s effectiveness with other media, thus putting the Internet on an equal footing.

Referring to comScore’s new tool, Roni Jenkins, director of communications strategy at J. Walter Thompson’s digital@jwt in New York, said, “By using a R/F tool based on audience measurement data, the industry will finally be able to quantify the true value of online media using the same metrics employed in the traditional media world.”