Coming Soon To A Field Near You

Tall guys in dark suits, with shades and impassive expressions. It’s Men in Black, right? Or Blues Brothers 2000?
Nope, it’s Line Shot.
This year’s advertising for the Chicago White Sox, from agency DiMeo Doroba, comes in the form of trailers for a fictitious action film, which ads proclaim will be a “Summer blockbuster hit!”
Sox sluggers Albert Belle, Frank Thomas and Robin Ventura are, of course, the good guys in the “film” and the central figures in the ad campaign.
In one of four 30-second TV spots, an evil genius–Chicagoan and former Saturday Night Live trouper Tim Kazurinsky–kidnaps Ventura and threatens to blow him up if Sox reliever Matt Karchner’s fastball drops below 90 miles per hour.
TV spots broke last week. Radio, print and outdoor ads, all continuing the Line Shot concept, are also part of the campaign.
–Scott Hume