colorful language

After 14 years of working on a client list that ranges from Nike to Wells Fargo, Los Angeles agency Muse Cordero Chen & Partners has a branding message of its own. It recently sent out some 4,500 direct mail pieces that seem to suggest the shop is a victim of discrimination.

“A great idea doesn’t give a damn what color its parents are,” says the postcard-shaped foldout. Inside are illustrations of upside-down paper bags with eyeholes cut out, each bag representing a position at the shop. (The account-services bag is pictured below.)

The mailer goes on to say, “Your business can best prosper when you get the best ideas with out caring about people’s skin. And that’s a fact all clients need to face.”

Agency chairman Jo Muse said he sent the piece to potential clients because he is tired of being seen strictly as a Hispanic agency. “All we want is a shot to show all types of clients what we can do,” said Muse.

“This is one of the most segregated industries in the country,” he said of the advertising business. “Sometimes that is a blessing, but it is also an incredible burden.”