Coke in VOD Pact

NEW YORK Coca-Cola North America said today it has signed a two-year deal to promote its waters, juices, teas, energy and sports drinks and other products on ExerciseTV. The alliance begins Jan. 1.

ExerciseTV is a video-on-demand network currently available in more than 23 million homes via Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Bresnan Communications. It was launched in January 2006 by exercise guru Jake Steinfeld, who is CEO at Body By Jake Global, and developed by Comcast.

Coke and ExerciseTV will integrate beverage brand messages and product attributes into new shows and existing programs. Additional elements include exclusive content for Coke’s non-cola product lines include Minute Maid, Powerade, Enviga and Dasani. It was not revealed whether Coke would support the deal with a marketing campaign. Financial terms were not disclosed.

“Our partnership with ExerciseTV is ideal because it clearly demonstrates how our broad portfolio of brands fits naturally into a balanced and active lifestyle,” Greg Downey, Coke group director of entertainment marketing, said in a statement. “The opportunity to create original content appealed to us and we think consumers will enjoy the results of these efforts.”

According to Downey, viewers will find “easy and fun ways to work out anytime, anywhere. If someone is looking to experience a new, refreshing way to burn some calories, check out the ‘Enviga Calorie Burn Series’ starting this spring with three unique programs that encourage people to find fun ways to stay active.”