Coke OK’s New Berlin Cameron/Red Cell Spot

NEW YORK Berlin Cameron/Red Cell has sold at least one new spot and is preparing several others for Coke Classic’s “Real” campaign, sources said.

The WPP agency developed the “Real” strategy and campaign, which launched on Jan. 13 and features ordinary people and celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, Mya and Common, and Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

Sources said Coca-Cola marketing executives approved a 30-second spot called “Trashtalker,” scheduled to break in mid-February. It shows a group of African-American guys playing a video game. One brags loudly about his winning skills (i.e., a trashtalker). A younger member of the group goes into the kitchen to get a round of Coke Classics for everyone. He drops one can and quickly retrieves it. Naturally, the trashtalker ends up with that one and when he opens it, it sprays him full of soda. The superstitial onscreen reads: “Karma.”

The agency is working on a second spot that Coke has seen but has not yet approved. It’s called “Road Trip” and shows a group of teens riding around in a car. They are all quietly gritting their teeth. The car pulls over and they all run for the bathroom. Cut to the back of the car where numerous empty Coke bottles lay.

A print ad with Muhammad Ali is also near completion, sources said. Agency executives referred calls to the Atlanta client.

“There are other ads in post-production and others that will run during different times of the year from Berlin, Burrell and Lapiz,” Coke representative Susan McDermott said, declining comment on their content. Coke has more than a dozen TV spots shot for this year’s campaign, she said.