Coca-Cola Speaks to Soccer Fans

The only television ad to run in North American English-speaking media for Coke Classic’s World Cup sponsorship breaks today in spot markets.

The effort, which was also produced in Spanish, is part of a three-spot campaign; the other two ads are in Spanish.

“Awakening,” by Leo Burnett’s Lapiz division in Chi cago, shows the pre dawn grogginess of two friends as they wake up. Both rush to their friend’s apartment, sit on a couch before a TV set, then fortify them selves with long drafts of Coke. Turning on the TV, they hear a soccer announcer describe the action.

“Here’s to those who live soccer with true passion,” a voiceover says.

Anali Cline, brand manager for Coke Classic Hispanic in North Amer ica, said the spot shows consumers “who are planning to wake up in the middle of the night to watch their favorite teams play live from Japan and Korea.”

The Spanish version of “Awakening,” as well as two other 30-second Spanish ads from McCann-Erickson, broke on Hispanic stations last month.

The World Cup work will run about 300 times in the U.S. until June 30, the date of the final game. Cline declined to give budget figures. Universal McCann handles media buying.

“Surprise Lesson” shows an Asian sports announcer seeking help from a Latino colleague on how to shout, “Goooooal!”

A third spot is a live-action animation in which players’ jerseys change to reflect those of the participating teams.