CMN Makes Waves for Harbor Islands

BOSTON Corey McPherson Nash has been tapped to rebrand the Boston Harbor Islands, a 17-island state park that is part of the larger Boston Harbor Islands National Park. The shop will also develop a new positioning for the Island Alliance, a group that raises funds to support related youth, community and science initiatives.

The goal: increase tourist traffic by portraying the islands as recreational havens for urban residents and visiting tourists.

CMN will create a brand strategy, slogan and identity for the Harbor Islands and craft a broader messaging system (including a new name) for the Island Alliance.

“Key to achieving these ambitious goals is to create interactions that will allow visitors to not only learn about the Boston Harbor Islands, but to experience them in a meaningful and educational way,” said Chris Klaehn, CMN partner and director of brand strategy. “This is a very exciting project for our studio. We love Boston, we understand Boston, and we want to take every opportunity to showcase this great city to the world.”

Independent CMN in Watertown, Mass., closes out its year with several new projects in hand. Its other recent additions are Phillips Exeter Academy, the Family Firm Institute and AirSprite.