Clown Prince Of Shoes

Clowns would seem unlikely pitchmen for shoes, given their generally unfashionable footwear.
Nonetheless, a clown was deemed the appropriate centerpiece for one TV spot from Kupper Parker Communications for Shoe Carnival, an Evansville, Ind.-based chain of 129 stores in the Midwest and the South.
The clown is down because the circus is closing as people are heading to Shoe Carnival instead. “People don’t have time for clowns anymore,” he laments. “Shoe Carnival. I’m so sick of their brand-name shoes … and the fun.”
Yet when his cohorts want to take him on a trip to the store, he agrees. “I could use a laugh right now,” he says. “And maybe some new Dexter loafers.”
A second circus spot features Siegfried and Roy type characters who are also upset that Shoe Carnival has usurped their role.
In addition to selling shoes, the chain features contests, games and balloons in an effort to cash in on what the St. Louis agency calls the “retailment” trend in marketing.
–Trevor Jensen