Cloud Nine

Thanks to a new account win, Richard Kirshenbaum and Jon Bond will soon be flying high as the Jason Kidd and Tom Cruise of advertising.

Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners just added the account of Marquis Jet Partners, which leases flight time on private aircraft to the monied set—frequently sports, music and film stars. The best part? KB&P will be paid partly on a barter system that will see Kirshenbaum and Bond gracing the cabins of many a snazzy NetJet plane in the coming year.

“When John and I went into business 15 years ago, we took retail accounts for suits. Now we’ve upgraded to private jets,” says Kirshenbaum. “I would estimate billings at a Gulfstream IV.”

It’s not chump change. Marquis charges $109,000 to $329,000 per person for 25 hours in the air, depending on the plane. And there’s an added incentive for KB&P: If the company prospers, it may add the Boeing Business Jet to its fleet—a craft it says is “inconceivably luxurious, complete with dining rooms, bedrooms and showers right on board.”