Clear Choice, No Attitude

BDO West lampoons the pretentiousness of other bottled water brands in a new campaign for Aquafina breaking today.
The agency is attempting to carve out a unique position for the Pepsi-Cola bottled water division with the tagline, “Pure water. No attitude,” in its first campaign for Aquafina. The Los Angeles shop won the business last October from Ogilvy & Mather, New York.
One 30-second TV spot (shown here) opens with an athlete in the midst of a workout that pushes his body to the limit. He asks himself why he trains so hard and drinks expensive bottled water, then answers himself with the fictitious bottled water’s slogan: “Because I want to live forever.” An unexpected encounter with a truck hauling his brand of water cuts his dream short. A group sitting nearby notes the irony while enjoying Aquafina.
The campaign breaks in Dallas and Milwaukee this week, and will gradually roll out to other markets.
Outdoor and radio ads support.
–Angela Dawson