CL, Harley ‘Ride’ Into Summer Olympics

CHICAGO Harley-Davidson will break a new television spot later this month to air during cable coverage of the Olympic Games, according to Carmichael Lynch, the company’s agency.

The commercial from the Interpublic Group shop in Minneapolis continues in the same vein as a spot earlier this year, in which a man at a gas station discusses how he chose to buy a dinette set rather than a motorcycle. The new spot shows a man admiring a parked Harley from a curb. When an attractive woman stops to admire the bike, the man pretends he’s the owner. The ruse is broken when the true owner gets on the motorcycle and rides away.

The spot continues the “It’s time to ride” theme, which debuted earlier this year.

In addition to the Olympic coverage, the spot will air during broadcasts of Nascar’s Nextel Cup and the Busch Grand Nationals on NBC and TNT.

Campaign spending is undisclosed. Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson spent nearly $20 million on advertising last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.