CL Brings Back Driving Excitement to Porsche Ads

Carmichael Lynch re turns to advertising that depicts the thrill of driving a Porsche in its latest work for the automaker.

Last year, the Minneapolis shop’s TV spots for Porsche emphasized the brand’s history and style. This year’s effort “reasserts what an absolute hoot driving these cars is,” said Jud Smith, a group creative director at CL. “It’s getting back to [Porsche’s] essence.”

Two TV spots highlighting Por sche’s sports cars broke during Sunday’s NFL telecasts. One shows a man taking an apparently upsetting cell-phone call during a business lunch. “That’s terrible,” he says before excusing himself. A woman repeats the charade at a meeting. The man is waiting in a Boxter, and the couple takes off together. A voiceover suggests Porsche is “perhaps the perfect getaway car.”

The second spot takes place on a mountain road. Two Porsches speed by a scrap of paper, keeping it aloft. A third driver comes along and catches it with his hand out the window. The end of the spot re veals that stretch of road is kept clean by the Springfield Porsche Club. “Keep our highways beautiful,” says a voiceover.

Print shows the cars on wide-open two-lane highways with headlines such as, “If you’re going to waste an entire day, waste it with conviction.” Another reads: “An auto bahn and six weeks’ paid vacation. Clearly Germany has its priorities straight.”

Advertising for Porsche’s sports utility entry, the Cay enne, is not expected until later this year. While the new spots make no mention of the SUV, they lay the groundwork for the launch, Smith said.

“We’re trying to reaffirm the excitement and feel of the road in a Porsche,” he said. “Everything about the SUV is going to have the same feelings.”

Porsche spent $15 million on advertising last year, per CMR. Spending is expected to increase behind the Cayenne launch.