Chrysler’s Bell Driving Off to Microsoft

DETROIT Microsoft said it has appointed Jeff Bell to the new position of corporate vice president of global marketing for the company’s interactive entertainment business.

He will report to Peter Moore, corporate vp of the division in Redmond, Wash.

Bell, the former vp of product strategy at Chrysler, is perhaps best known for his work on the launch of the Dodge “Grab life by the horns” campaign, and was a keen advocate for Internet marketing and adver-gaming to promote Chrysler products.

“Jeff brings a unique mix of consumer experience and innovation to the interactive entertainment business,” Moore said in a statement. “His accomplishments at DaimlerChrysler, including the creation of its owner loyalty program, his track record in driving automotive video game strategies and his influence on urban marketing plans are indicators of his expertise and leadership.”

Bell came to Chrysler in May 2001, after 10 years at Ford. In his five years at Chrysler, Bell also served as vp of Chrysler and Jeep, where he led numerous Internet initiatives and Jeep’s campaign with HBO’s Band of Brothers and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider II. For the latter, Angelina Jolie’s title character rode through a desolate swamp to Mount Kilimanjaro in a Jeep.

Under Bell’s watch, Chrysler vehicles also found their way into the storylines of television shows, DVD tie-ins and video games.