Chevy Rolls Out ‘Revolution’ Spots

DETROIT Chevrolet and Campbell-Ewald launch the next phase of their “An American Revolution” campaign on Saturday. A 60-second TV spot shows a car carrier “releasing” various models of the Colorado pick-up truck in different locales, including the city, the desert and the Grand Canyon, as though they were wild animals.

The spot is a sequel to “Car Carrier,” which launched the “An American Revolution” campaign on New Year’s Eve. Action-movie filmmaker Michael Bay (Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys) directed both commercials. The spot by the Warren, Mich., shop will run during the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament, said Kim Kosak, Chevrolet’s general director of advertising and sales promotion.

“The spot builds off what has proven to be a very successful launch ad for us, the ‘Car Carrier’ spot, so we’re building off that equity,” said Kosak. “It’s a very impactful, dramatic spot that demonstrates the breadth of our new Colorado lineup.”

Kosak said a 15-second teaser spot for the new Equinox SUV, “Car Cover,” would also air during NCAA games on Saturday. “

In the Equinox teaser, a camera pans left to right along a windy, dark street, finally showing a car with a cover over it. The soundtrack plays a jazz tune, sung by a woman. The wind blows the cover up, like a woman’s skirt, and the viewer hears a wolf whistle. The voiceover states, “Introducing the new Chevy Equinox—it’s one hot SUV.”

‘Car Cover’ will establish the name Equinox in the minds of viewers,” Kosak said.

Next weekend, three new 30-second Equinox ads will air—two on Saturday and one on Sunday, all during the NCAA tourney, she said. The spots, titled “Doors,” “Drive” and “Stickies,” “show that it is a stunning vehicle,” said Kosak. “One focuses on the exterior, one demonstrates the flexibility of the interior, and one shows that it has the most rear and leg room of any SUV.”

Also on Saturday, April 3, Chevrolet will launch “Drawbridge,” a 60-second ad that depicts the Malibu Maxx zigzagging through downtown Los Angeles and then leaping across a raised bridge. The spot, also created by C-E, was directed by Jan de Bont, the Dutch director of action films like Speed and Twister.

C-E personnel who worked on the campaign include creative directors Joe Puhy, Jon Stewart and Doug Blanchard, art director Marge Bornais and writer Dave Michalak.