Chef Boyardee on Nascar Circuit

Fogarty Klein this week breaks a new campaign promoting Chef Boyardee’s sponsorship of Joe Gibbs’ Nascar team.
Three new television spots from the Houston agency position the brand as the personal chef of race car driver Tony Stewart.
In one ad, teammate Bobby La-bonte complains that Stewart is getting full of himself because he hired a personal chef. Stewart then introduces Labonte to his “Chef”–a truckload of Chef Boyardee.
In another commercial, Labonte helps himself to his friend’s Chef Boyardee. He’s caught red-handed, however, when a car alarm rigged to the refrigerator sounds.
The tagline, “Real food. Real fast,” is targeted at young males who comprise the majority of Nascar’s fan base.
All three 15-second television commercials were filmed on location at the Gibbs racing facility in Hunterville, N.C.
The television campaign will air from Feb. 21 through the first week of August on national cable and network television before, during and after Nascar race programming.
Print advertising will also appear in Winston Cup Scene and the 2000 Nascar Press & Preview Guide.
Chef Boyardee is a brand of International Home Foods in Parsippany, N.J. Other products handled by Fogarty for the client include Crunch ‘n Munch, Ranch Style Beans, Ro-Tel tomatoes and Success Rice brands.