Cheetos Joins Super Bowl Ad Parade

NEW YORK Chester the Cheetah is finally getting his big break in the Super Bowl. Frito-Lay, the snack division of PepsiCo, has purchased its first 30-second spot for Cheetos during NBC’s telecast of the game, and the brand’s animated mascot is the star.
Frito-Lay is hoping the commercial, which breaks during the first half of Super Bowl XLIII, will give snackers the munchies. The strategy is part of the client’s larger mission of reaching adult consumers via Cheetos, a repositioning that began last year. Although traditionally viewed as a kids’ snack, the cheesy curls also have a large adult following, with more than 60 percent of Cheetos fans over the age of 18, the company said.
Sunday’s spot, via Omnicom Group’s Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, continues the brand’s mildly subversive commercial themes. It shows a loud, chatty woman talking on her cell phone outside a restaurant (“I must be on the ugly side of town. Everyone here is, like, really gross.”). A female customer sitting behind her gets annoyed, and — egged on by Chester — scatters Cheetos on the floor. A flock of pigeons swoops down, gobbling the crumbs and attacking the rude talker. “Give Daddy a kiss,” Chester says coolly to a pigeon that hops onto his shoulder, and the bird pecks him on the nose. Consumers are urged to “Let loose at” as eerie music plays.