center stage on the mike

“I don’t think of myself as a secretary,” says Dolores Dyer. “I’m an artist who works in liquid paper.”

Dyer and Evie Aronson, administrative assistants at FCB interative unit FCBi, are also aspiring stand-up comics. When they’re not aiming their wit at co-workers, they’re out on the comedy circuit, and are preparing for their second appearance at Caroline’s in Times Square on Dec. 6.

“A lot of people [at the agency] are afraid to come to the show because they think I’ll talk about them,” says Aronson. Not so, however. “I’m a Leo, so I mostly talk about myself.”

The Shoreham, N.Y., native pokes fun at her “Lawn Gy-land” accent to warm up the crowd before trying some song parodies. One is inspired by her days in the city after leaving Syracuse University. “This is a real kick-ass degree,” she says of her bachelor of fine arts. “Right after graduation, I got a job … as a waitress.” She then launches into “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,” with the word roses replaced by “prime rib.”

Dyer, a Ventura, Calif., native, practiced her routine at Occidental College in L.A. before coming to New York in 1994. Her material comes from being a “California girl in the big city” whose funny bone is tickled at the sight of teddy bears strapped to the front fenders of New York’s sanitation trucks.

Both women agree that at least one subject is off-limits: clients. “I still need my day job,” Dyer says. Matt groeningChris Saganichchuck gonzales