Celtics’ Pierce Shoots for Spalding

BOSTON Spalding Sports Worldwide has unveiled new TV work for its Infusion basketball.

The latest effort is a 30-second commercial featuring Boston Celtics star forward Paul Pierce, who is shown taking part in a street ball game. A kid watches the action through the bars of a tall fence as Pierce deflects the ball out of play and down a nearby drain shaft. The kid deflates his own Spalding Infusion ball and passes it through the bars to Pierce, who re-inflates the ball and continues playing.

“The challenge was to create a believable scenario that would convey the product’s attributes to an often skeptical audience,” said Nathan Winstanley, president and creative director of Lenox, Mass., independent Winstanley Associates, which produced the spot.

To add credibility, Pierce’s friends appear as extras, and the spot was filmed in a Los Angeles parking lot. It breaks on Nov. 1 on ESPN, MTV, BETV and elsewhere.

Spalding spent about $2 million on its basketball line last year, per TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.