Cedra “Get Your Drug On”

Door Number 3 in Austin, Texas, developed GetYourDrugOn.com, an online promo for Cedra, a company that does overnight medical testing. The site lets users create their own jokey designer drugs and “prescribe” them for their friends. I typed in my first name, “Dave,” and was told my drug was called “Davagra.” That sounds like Viagra. Is GYDO.com trying to tell me something? The steps to create the drug are fairly amusing, and I especially liked the “Doctor’s pad” visual interface and intentionally irritating background Muzak. The best part comes at the end, when a Mad Libs-style questionnaire produces a selection of faux slick magazine ads touting the drug to the masses. They’re lame and overwritten, promising more than the product could possibly deliver. In other words, they’re not so different from the real thing. –David Gianatasio