CD outreach

Ken Gronbach, a fixture in Connecticut advertising for nearly three decades, resurfaces with a new company, KGC, and a program designed to teach school kids about epilepsy.

Under the aegis of the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut, Middletown, Conn.-based KGC has developed a mini CD-Rom that will be distributed to 10,000 students statewide in October. The CDs contain a state-of-the-art video presentation and a survey about epilepsy, and links to the Internet so kids can find additional information.

“We wanted to create an educational program that could reach children in grades 8 through 10. … But we’re finding that the traditional routes [booklets, brochures] were not successful,” said foundation executive director Linda Wallace, given young people’s predilections for multimedia.

Survey results will be used to supply additional information to specific students. For example, if students watch the video but indicate they still believe epilepsy is contagious, the foundation will supply them with data showing that it is not, Gronbach said.