CCP Launches Cooking Oil Campaign

CHICAGO Taking advantage of many people’s New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, Chicago Creative Partnership has launched a nearly $20 million advertising campaign for Enova cooking oil.

Enova, marketed by ADM Kao, a joint venture of Archer Daniels Midland and Japan’s Kao Corp., is made from soy and canola oils through a process that enables less of it to be stored in the body as fat. The campaign is intended to show how consumers can use the oil to make the foods they eat healthier.

CCP’s 30-second spot, which launched this week, intercuts shots of food preparation (such as a stir-fry) with a woman addressing the camera about the benefits of the oil. “Want to make a change for the better?” she asks at the conclusion of the spot. “You know what to do.” The spot contains no tagline.

The television ad will run on national broadcast networks as well as cable stations like The Food Network, CNN, The Learning Channel and The Weather Channel. Print advertising will break in March.

ADM Kao, based in Decatur, Ill., is expected to spend $17 million on advertising Enova oil this year, according to the independent Chicago agency.