CCF Schools Students About the ‘Score’

CHICAGO Clarity Coverdale Fury looks to educate students at two universities about the importance of a good credit rating through a new advertising campaign, backed by financial specialists, community groups and educational interests.

The print, poster and grassroots effort plays off the cash-strapped life of a college student with the theme, “What’s my score?” One print ad shows an old, rusted Yugo with the headline, “When you’re ready for a nicer car, you’ll be glad you have a good credit score.” Another shows a bunny-suited student entertaining children at a birthday party with the headline, “When you’re ready for a new job, you’ll be glad you have a good score.” Body copy in both ads explains the importance of having a good credit rating and encourages students to check theirs online.

“The idea was to tap into those college truisms to get their attention and create something that felt like it was coming from a buddy, not some stuffy, finger-wagging adults,” said Jac Coverdale, creative director at the Minneapolis agency.

The campaign broke last week at Hamline University and St. Cloud State University, both in Minnesota. The effort is sponsored by the St. Paul Foundation, a partnership that includes companies such as Visa, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo; community groups such as Lutheran Social Services and the Minnesota Council on Economic Education; and the boards of the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas as well as student groups at Hamline and St. Cloud State.

The campaign also includes door-hangers that link small apartment sizes to bad credit ratings and video executions of the print ads meant to be distributed through viral e-mails.