Patty Duke and Erik Weihenmayer are the latest celebrities to get caught reading—this time in Braille.

Duke, who played Helen Keller in the film The Miracle Worker, and Weihenmayer, the blind teacher and author who climbed to the top of Mt. Everest last year, are featured in new installments of the 4-year-old “Get caught reading” campaign from the Asso ciation of American Publishers.

The AAP partnered with the American Foundation for the Blind to create the two Braille-focused ads.

In the Duke ad, the actress sits at a table in a library with Amanda Hughes, a blind sixth-grader. Hughes is shown perusing a book in Braille. The copy: “Patty Duke and friend get caught reading Braille.”

The other execution shows Weihenmayer reading Braille in his tent; he is bundled up as if on a winter expedition.

“Erik is just a wonderful example of having a full and complete life, and being able to adapt to whatever environment and situation he’s in,” said Liz Greco-Rocks, vp, communications for AFB, of the decision to feature him in the ad.

The work is appearing in May issues of various magazines and newspapers.