catering: how hard can it be?

One assumes Carmichael Lynch founding partner Lee Lynch knows ads, but can you trust him with risotto?
Minneapolis diners can find out at Lynch’s latest venture, the Bravo Meeting and Event Center on Hennepin Street, just a block down from the agency’s headquarters.
The three-story complex includes private meeting rooms and a restaurant, called Backstage at the Bravo. Lynch (shown here) is also chairman of Theater Live!, a group that promotes the dramatic arts on Hennepin Street, and the restaurant is intended as a stop for people attending events in the area, a former sin district still dotted with strip clubs and novelty shops.
Lynch, of course, doesn’t cook at Bravo, but his penchant for the color green is indulged in the “green-green risotto.”
A local magazine’s recent review of the restaurant lauded the food, but advised that a visit could be a bit costly, citing the corned beef sandwiches going for $12.50.
–Trevor Jensen